Adulterants and Contaminants Testing

CEGTH food testing laboratory is fully equipped with all the required equipment and is operated by a team which is experienced in the analysis of food adulteration,

Food Adulterants are the substances which are added to food items for economic and technical benefits but they reduce the value of nutrients in food and also causes the food contaminated and not fit for consumption. Food adulterants could be available in dairy products, cereal products, meat & eggs, canned & bottled vegetables, fruits & fruit products, fats & oils, beverages etc.

Foods and Adulteration :

  • Milk could be found adulterated by adding water or by removing the cream or by adding artificial coloring agents like Annatto, ceramel, coal tar colors and preservatives like formaldehyde, boric & other acids etc.
  • Meat & Eggs could be found adulterated by adding preservatives like potassium nitrate, boric & other acids etc. Coloring matter like Aniline red and cochineal-carmine is usually added colors.
  • In Vegetable, malachite green is used for bright glowing green color which may be carcinogenic for humans.
  • Martius Yellow being used to enhance the Yellow color of food substances. It can be carcinogenic and could cause stomach disorders.
  • Argemone & Papaya Seeds being used in Mustard seeds could cause epidemic dropsy and severe glucoma.
  • Starch being added to give rich texture to paneer, khoya & condensed milk and could cause stomach disorders.
  • Pepperoil is added to ice cream which would cause Kidney, lung and heart diseases.
  • Coffee Powder is adulterated through Tamarind seeds. Chicory powder being used as coloring agent & to add weight.
  • Injectable dyes in watermelon, peas, capsicum, brinjal, papaya seeds.
  • Sudan dyes which are meant to be used for coloring plastics and synthetic materials, are rather being used as coloring agents in food like red chili and other products. Sudan dyes have been identified as carcinogenic for human and can lead to severe health hazards.

The usage of non-authentic substances in food items is strictly prohibited under the Indian law and the same applies to export oriented units. Any violation of the provisions of FSS Act/Rules & Regulations is liable for penalties and may invite prosecution.

apple Adulterants and Contaminants Testing