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    Ayush and Herbal Products Testing

    The global acceptance, growing demand, and large scale manufacturing of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) & Herbal products call for a need of their quality control. Various analytical methods have been developed to deal with issues like batch consistency, microbial contamination, presence of pesticide residues, heavy metals, aflatoxins, etc., concerning the quality & safety of these alternative systems of medicines.

    Why AYUSH & Herbal Products Testing?
    • check-mark-1To ensure consumers’ health & safety
    • check-mark-1To validate drug quality & efficacy
    • check-mark-1To avoid financial losses
    • check-mark-1To comply with relevant laws, policies, standards, and regulations

    CEGTH offers its quality testing services in various domains, including the AYUSH & Herbal industry. Our AYUSH and Herbal Product Testing Laboratory provides modern & advanced analytical facilities that assist manufacturers in product optimization and standardization. Services offered by us cover a variety of products under the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (API) Standards, which include

    Parameters Tested
    Only Lab with Pesticides Testing under NABL Scope in Rajasthan
    Students being Trained under Skill Development

    Classical Drugs

    • check-mark-1Raw/Crude Drugs
    • check-mark-1Plant Extracts
    • check-mark-1Compound Formulations


    Dosage Form

    • check-mark-1Asava & Arista
    • check-mark-1Arka
    • check-mark-1Avaleha/Leha/Paka
    • check-mark-1Kvatha Churna
    • check-mark-1Guggulu
    • check-mark-1Churna
    • check-mark-1Ghrita/Taila
    • check-mark-1Lavana Ksara
    • check-mark-1Lepa
    • check-mark-1Vati and Gutika/Pills
    • check-mark-1Netra Bindu and Anjana
    • check-mark-1Parpati
    • check-mark-1Pisti
    • check-mark-1Mandura
    • check-mark-1Rasayoga
    • check-mark-1Lauha
    • check-mark-1Dhupa
    • check-mark-1Bhasma

    Patent and Proprietary Drugs

    • check-mark-1Syrup
    • check-mark-1Ointment
    • check-mark-1Tablet
    • check-mark-1Capsules
    • check-mark-1Granules
    • check-mark-1Confectionaries
    • check-mark-1Suppositories

    Our Herbal Testing Services Include

    • check-mark-1Physio-Chemical Parameters
    • check-mark-1Nutritional Labelling
    • check-mark-1Aflatoxins
    • check-mark-1Heavy Metals
    • check-mark-1Pesticide Residues
    • check-mark-1Microbiological Testing
    • check-mark-1Stability Studies
    • check-mark-1Method Validation
    Why Choose CEGTH?

    We take immense pride in being recognized as the country’s leading AYUSH and Herbal Product Testing laboratory. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities, coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and faster turnaround times, help you comply with all the relevant policies, regulations & quality standards.