Compressed Air Testing & Nitrogen and Other Industrial Gas Analysis

compressed air testing

Compressed Air Testing is carried out to determine the quality of the produced air. It is imperative in the production processes of major industries, including the Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Food & Beverages Industry, etc. The quality of air being supplied to these industries is very important, and its contamination can have hazardous effects on the end products.

The most critical parameters measured under Compressed Air Testing include Particulate Matter, Dew Point, Moisture Content, Oil Content, and Viable Count.

At CEGTH, we offer effective testing solutions for your compressed air systems as per the guidelines of ISO: 8573/ USP/EP/BP.

Breathing Air Validation

The Compressed Gas Association sets quality standards for breathing air is GRADE D (ANSI/CGA G-7.1’97)

CEGTH offers testing of breathing air quality for the following parameters:

  • check-mark-1Carbon Monoxide
  • check-mark-1Carbon Dioxide
  • check-mark-1Oxygen
  • check-mark-1Total Hydrocarbons
  • check-mark-1Oil Mist & Particulate Matter
  • check-mark-1Dew Point
  • check-mark-1Viable Count
Nitrogen Gas Validation

Nitrogen Gas is one of the critical components in the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry and contributes to the quality of the end product.

The most important parameters that we test under Nitrogen Gas Validation include

  • check-mark-1Purity
  • check-mark-1Gases such as O2, CO & CO2
  • check-mark-1Odor
  • check-mark-1Dew Point
  • check-mark-1Oil Content
  • check-mark-1Particulate Matter
  • check-mark-1Moisture Content
  • check-mark-1Viable Count
  • check-mark-1Identification Test

CEGTH is capable of performing the nitrogen gas analysis as per USP/EP/BP/ISO 8573.

Instrument Air Validation

Under Instrument Air Validation services, air quality is vital to ensure that instrumentation functions properly and consistently.

The most important parameters that we test under Instrument Air Validation include:

  • check-mark-1Dew Point
  • check-mark-1Oil Content and Particulate Matter
  • check-mark-1Temperature
  • check-mark-1Moisture Content
  • check-mark-1Viable Count

CEGTH also takes up analysis for the purity of Argon, Oxygen, Carbon-Di-Oxide, and other atmospheric gases.