Indoor Air Quality

Environment Testing

Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the air having no known contaminants at toxic concentrations, and with which a majority of the people exposed do not express dissatisfaction.

IAQ Testing is carried out to ascertain the concentration of pollutants present in the Indoor Air. It is crucial to ensuring the health of the occupants of residential, commercial, industrial & institutional buildings. Also, since the concepts of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI) are gaining attention each day, it has become essential to regularly monitor the quality of air that we breathe in.

CEGTH adopts effective & reliable IAQ Testing methods to ensure that the air inside these closed environment settings is free from hazardous contaminants. Our certified experts use the most advanced equipment to improve your IAQ and mitigate potential health risks.

Our Unique Approach to IAQ Testing Involves:
  • check-mark-1Basic Inspection
  • check-mark-1Air Quality Inspection
  • check-mark-1Specific Parameter Inspection
  • check-mark-1Report and Recommendation
Equipment We Use
  • check-mark-1Dust Monitor with Light Scattering Technique
  • check-mark-1Online IAQ Surveyor with NIDR, PID & Electrochemical Based Sensor
  • check-mark-1Formaldehyde Meter
  • check-mark-1Settle Plate Exposure for Microbiological Parameters
  • check-mark-1Lux Meter, Anemometer, Integrated Decibel Meter
IAQ Online Gas Analyzer – Equipped with Leading Edge Sensor Technology
  • check-mark-1Detects Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Ozone, Ammonia, Total Volatile Organic Compound, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Chlorine
  • check-mark-1Lowest detection limit of the above-said parameters is in ppb/ppm
  • check-mark-1Records the data in every one minute