Industrial Hygiene Study

Industrial Hygiene Study

Industrial Hygiene Study helps evaluate & control the workplace surroundings that may cause injury or illness to employees. OSHA, AIHA, NIOSH along with other legislation, have revolutionized health and safety for workers, setting mandatory requirements for over 6 million United States workplaces. There are four critical elements of industrial hygiene—chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic.

CEGTH’s Industrial Hygiene laboratory has the relevant experience and is accredited to perform sampling and analysis as per the prescribed Industrial Hygiene Standards.

Our Sampling Approach

Personal Sampling: Applicable when workers are directly engaged with the process or chemical handling

Static Sampling: When any process is occurring in a confined chamber

CEGTH’S Industrial Hygiene Capabilities
Method Description
OSHA 7 (Modified) Volatile Organic Compounds
Assay Technology Passive Monitors Validation Reports and Sampling Information
EPA IP-6A and IP-6C Formaldehyde
EPA TO-11A Aldehydes
EPA 6010B Environmental Lead: Soil, Paint Chip
NIOSH 0500 Dust, Total
NIOSH 0600 Dust, Respirable
NIOSH 1003 Halogenated Hydrocarbons
NIOSH 1005 Methylene Chloride
NIOSH 1007 Vinyl Chloride
NIOSH 1015 Vinylidene Chloride
NIOSH 1300 Ketones I
NIOSH 1400 Alcohols I
NIOSH 1401 Alcohols II
NIOSH 1403 Alcohols IV
NIOSH 1405 Combined Alcohols
NIOSH 1450 Esters I
NIOSH 1457 Ethyl Acetate
NIOSH 1500 Hydrocarbons
NIOSH 1501 Aromatic Hydrocarbons
NIOSH 1550 Naphthas
NIOSH 1604 Acrylonitrile
NIOSH 1606 Acetonitrile
NIOSH 1613 Pyridine
NIOSH 2000 Methanol
NIOSH 2016 Formaldehyde
NIOSH 2546 Cresols
NIOSH 5000 Carbon Black
NIOSH 5503 Polychlorinated Biphenyls, PCBs
NIOSH 5506 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, PAHs
NIOSH 5523 Glycols
NIOSH 6009 Mercury
NIOSH 6010 Hydrogen Cyanide
NIOSH 6013 Hydrogen Sulphide
NIOSH 7300 Metals
NIOSH 7303 Metals
NIOSH 7300/7303 Lead in Air
NIOSH 7600 Hexavalent Chromium (Soluble)
NIOSH 9100 Lead on Wipes; Env. Lead in Dust Wipes
NIOSH 7907 Volatile Acids by Ion Chromatography
NIOSH 7908 Non-Volatile Acids
NIOSH 9102 Metals on Wipes
OSHA ID-121/ID-125G Metals
OSHA 48 Naphtha
OSHA 140 Mercury
OSHA 145 Particulate Mercury – Air and Wipes
OSHA 165 Inorganic Acids
OSHA ID-188 Ammonia
OSHA ID-215 Hexavalent Chromium
OSHA 1007 Formaldehyde