Antibiotic Residues Testing

Antibiltics residues testing

Antibiotic residues are metabolites found in trace amounts in any edible portion of the animal product after the administration of the antibiotics. The antibiotic residue levels in animal food, when exceeding the acceptable maximum residue limit, may contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance in animals or humans.

Antibiotic residues present in food of animal origins such as milk, eggs, or meat have toxic properties and can lead to potential health risks to the consumers.

We, at CEGTH, are available to support our clients to identify and control the vitality of their product compliance by using sophisticated high-end equipment, including LC-MS/MS techniques for screening and quantification of antibiotic and drug residues in foodstuffs.

The food matrices tested for Antibiotic Residues include:

  • check-mark-1Milk and milk products
  • check-mark-1Honey
  • check-mark-1Meat and meat products