Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

Bevarages alcoholic testing

As people become more conscious of the benefits of healthy eating and drinking, the beverage industry is expanding exponentially with the introduction of new drinks like vitamin-fortified water, anti-aging water, energy drinks, organic and herbal teas, etc.

To meet the growing demands and quality standards prescribed by various regulatory bodies, it becomes imperative to monitor the composition, consistency, additives, nutritional values, and adulteration or contamination for both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

Backed with an accredited food testing laboratory, leading-edge equipment, and a team of knowledgeable technicians, CEGTH offers complete testing facilities for the following beverages:

  • check-mark-1Fruit Juices
  • check-mark-1Tea
  • check-mark-1Coffee
  • check-mark-1Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beer, toddy, whisky, vodka, etc.)

All tests and analyses are performed with respect to the standards laid down by FSSR/ FSSAI 2011 and other National/ International standards. Our services involve testing of beverages for the following parameters:

  • check-mark-1Quality Parameters
  • check-mark-1Physico-chemical Properties
  • check-mark-1Microbiological Parameters
  • check-mark-1Heavy Metals
  • check-mark-1Contaminants
  • check-mark-1Residues
  • check-mark-1Mycotoxins
  • check-mark-1Microbiological Parameters
  • check-mark-1Nutritional Profile