Cereals, Pulses and Their Products Testing

cereals and pulses testing

Cereals, Pulses, and their products are consumed in large quantities worldwide. Their increased production, processing, and trading practices have raised the demand for quality assurance & standardization. The overwhelming use of pesticides to increase the yield and treatment with insecticides during storage make these grains unsuitable for human consumption. Before reaching the consumers, cereals, pulses, and other grains need to be analyzed to ensure their compliance with maximum residue levels.

CEGTH offers a wide range of analytical facilities for the following products, as per the FSSAI regulations and Export requirements:

  • check-mark-1Atta, Maida, Besan
  • check-mark-1Food Grains (wheat, rice, chana, mung, rajma, dry peas, etc.)
  • check-mark-1Corn Flakes, Flour and Starch
  • check-mark-1Semolina/ Suji/ Rawa
  • check-mark-1Bakery Products
  • check-mark-1Pearl Barley
  • check-mark-1Oats and Rolled Oats
  • check-mark-1Macaroni Products
  • check-mark-1Malted and Malt Based Foods
  • check-mark-1Solvent Extracted Foods
  • check-mark-1Starchy Foods
  • check-mark-1Expeller Pressed Flour
  • check-mark-1Pearl Millet / Flour

Our food testing laboratory is equipped with world-class instruments to examine the following parameters for Cereals Testing:

Quality Parameters
  • check-mark-1Moisture
  • check-mark-1Total Ash
  • check-mark-1Ash Insoluble Ash
  • check-mark-1Gluten on Dry Basis
  • check-mark-1Alcoholic Acidity
  • check-mark-1Uric Acid

Scanning of raw materials to identify contamination risk or cross-contamination.


CEGTH is well equipped to perform the testing of mycotoxins through its sophisticated high-end instruments.

  • check-mark-1Aflatoxin
  • check-mark-1Deoxynivalenol
  • check-mark-1Ochratoxin A

CEGTH performs the pesticide residue testing on its LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS.

Heavy Metals
  • check-mark-1Arsenic
  • check-mark-1Cadmium
  • check-mark-1Mercury
  • check-mark-1Methyl Mercury calculated as the element
  • check-mark-1Tin
  • check-mark-1Lead
  • check-mark-1Copper
Nutritional Labelling

CEGTH is fully equipped to perform the testing of complete nutritional profiling, including vitamins and mineral testing.