Fats and Oils

Fats & Oils are the most vital ingredients for a variety of foods and contribute significantly to their taste, texture, and stability. Today, more than ever before, consumers are concerned about the quality, safety & nutritional values of the food products. Therefore, testing for Fats & Oils has become a critical requirement for all food manufacturers.

CEGTH offers the most advanced analytical methods for edible oil and crude oil testing as per the FSSAI/FSSR-2011 and relevant BIS standards and customer requirements. Our testing capabilities cover a wide range of fats & oils parameters, including

Quality Parameters: Wet Chemistry
  • check-mark-1Free Fatty Acid
  • check-mark-1Butyro Refractometer Reading at 40°C or Refractive Index at 40°C
  • check-mark-1Saponification Value
  • check-mark-1Unsaponifiable Matter (USM)
  • check-mark-1Bellier Test
  • check-mark-1Acid Value
  • check-mark-1Iodine Value
  • check-mark-1Polenske Value
  • check-mark-1Peroxide Value
Adulteration Tests
  • check-mark-1Baudouin Test: Presence of Sesame Oil
  • check-mark-1Halphen’s Test: Presence of Cottonseed Oil
  • check-mark-1Hexabromide Test: Presence of Linseed Oil
  • check-mark-1Azo Dye Test: Test for Presence of Rice Bran Oil
  • check-mark-1Test for Presence of Mineral Oil
  • check-mark-1Molybdate Test: Test for Presence of Castor Oil
  • check-mark-1Test for Presence of Argemone Oil
  • check-mark-1Test for Presence of Karanja Oil
Fatty Acid Profiling
  • check-mark-1Saturated Fat
  • check-mark-1Monounsaturated Fat
  • check-mark-1Poly unsaturated Fat
  • check-mark-1Trans Fat
Heavy Metals
  • check-mark-1Arsenic
  • check-mark-1Cadmium
  • check-mark-1Mercury
  • check-mark-1Methyl Mercury calculated as the element
  • check-mark-1Tin
  • check-mark-1Lead
  • check-mark-1Copper
Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2
  • check-mark-1Hexane
  • check-mark-1Antioxidants
  • check-mark-1BHA
  • check-mark-1BHT
  • check-mark-1TBHQ
  • check-mark-1Propyl Gallates
  • check-mark-1Ascorbyl palmitate
  • check-mark-1Pesticides

The food testing laboratory of CEGTH is well-equipped with high-end instruments, namely, ICP-MS for metals, HPLC for Aflatoxin and Antioxidants, GC-MS and LC-MS/MS for Pesticides, GC-MS for Hexane.