Fruits, Vegetables and By-products

Fruits and vegetables

With changing times, consumers have become more aware of the safety, quality & nutritional values of raw fruits & vegetables. The four critical attributes for quality evaluation of fruits & vegetables by consumers are

  • check-mark-1Colour and Appearance
  • check-mark-1Flavour (taste and aroma)
  • check-mark-1Texture
  • check-mark-1Nutritional Value

Excessive use of pesticides for increased yield is another serious concern that calls for quality assurance and strict adherence to maximum residue levels.

CEGTH has the expertise to address all these safety & quality issues under its testing facilities for Fruits and Vegetables. Our accredited food testing laboratory performs all tests following the guidelines prescribed by FSSR concerning the maximum pesticide residue limits.  Our skilled workforce offers multiple analyses for fruits and vegetables as per the FSSAI/FSSR-2011 regulations, relevant BIS standards, and customer requirements to ensure the quality of your produce.

Our testing capabilities for fruits, vegetables, and their by-products include analyses of:

  • check-mark-1Food Additives, including preservatives
  • check-mark-1Artificial Sweeteners
  • check-mark-1Natural and Synthetic Colors
  • check-mark-1Contaminants (organic/inorganic) and Residues (pesticides, mycotoxins)
  • check-mark-1Nutrient Profiling or Labeling
  • check-mark-1Microbiological Analysis