Microbiological Tests

Microbiological Testing

Microbiological testing is performed using biological, biochemical, molecular, or chemical methods to detect, identify, or enumerate microorganisms in a material. The testing is most often related to disease-causing organisms and pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. Microbiological testing aims to identify and restrict harmful microorganisms responsible for the spoilage of foods, and ensures safety from foodborne diseases.

The specific reasons for conducting microbiological testing should be to:

  • check-mark-1Comply with the desired specifications for raw materials and finished product
  • check-mark-1Identify risk factors
  • check-mark-1Process verification/ validation
  • check-mark-1Confirm that regulatory guidelines are followed

CEGTH has experienced and professional microbiologists to perform biological testing for food products. Our food testing laboratory is equipped with leading-edge technology to ensure compliance with the standards laid by BIS, FSSAI, APHA, AOAC, FDA, and ISO.

Our trained sample collection technicians follow the stringent sampling procedures as per the SOP to ensure that the sample integrity is maintained from the initial level of collecting the sample till the sample reaches the laboratory for further processing.

Our Food Microbiological Testing Services Include
  • check-mark-1Food Hygiene Testing
  • check-mark-1Modified Food Testing
  • check-mark-1Food Pathogen Testing
  • check-mark-1Rapid Food Microbiological Testing

CEGTH also excels in maintaining the hygiene of the plant or food factories by testing swabs that are used to monitor the effectiveness of their cleaning program. Environmental Monitoring is used to validate the critical control points highlighted through HACCP. We perform Environmental Testing for:

  • check-mark-1Hand Swab
  • check-mark-1Air Monitoring
  • check-mark-1Surface Swab/ Equipment Swab