Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and its products (ghee, butter, paneer, condensed milk, ice cream, cheese, whey, yogurt, etc.) are widely consumed across the world as they contain various important macro and micronutrients essential to the human diet. To produce good quality milk or dairy products, it is imperative that the raw milk being used is hygienic. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the raw milk is free from adulteration and that its nutritional value is not altered while processing.

CEGTH assist the manufacturers in ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Our world-class testing services analyze the samples of milk and its products for their nutritional value, adulteration, and microbial contamination, if any.

Our food testing laboratory is well-equipped to analyze various safety & quality parameters as per the specifications laid down by FSSAI. Our capabilities in milk & dairy products testing include:

Quality Parameters: Wet Chemistry
  • check-mark-1Milk Fat
  • check-mark-1Milk Solids not Fat

Specification for quality parameters varies between different types of cattle and states.

Nutritional Profile
  • check-mark-1Energy
  • check-mark-1Protein
  • check-mark-1Carbohydrate
  • check-mark-1Fatty Acid Profile: Saturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fat, Poly Unsaturated Fat and Trans Fat

As per WHO recommendation, not more than 1% of energy should be contributed by trans-fat.

Adulteration Tests (Urea, Cane Sugar, Added Starch, Detergents, Neutralizers)
Microbiological Parameters
  • check-mark-1Total Plate Count
  • check-mark-1Coliform Count
  • check-mark-1E. coli
  • check-mark-1Salmonella
  • check-mark-1S. aureus
  • check-mark-1Listeria Monocytogenes

We adopt the latest technologies and use sophisticated instruments, namely, ICP-MS for Metals, HPLC for Aflatoxin and Antibiotics, GC-MS and LC-MS/MS for Pesticides.

Heavy Metals
  • check-mark-1Arsenic
  • check-mark-1Cadmium
  • check-mark-1Mercury
  • check-mark-1Methyl Mercury calculated as the element
  • check-mark-1Tin
  • check-mark-1Lead
  • check-mark-1Copper
Aflatoxin M1
  • check-mark-1Melamine
  • check-mark-1Pesticides
  • check-mark-1Antibiotics