Packaged Food /Processed Food /Ready to Eat Food Testing

packged food processed testing

Processed or packaged foods or ready-to-eat foods are processed through cooking, canning, freezing, or making changes in the nutritional composition by fortification, preparation using different technologies, or preservation. The growing consumer demand for variety leads to the large-scale manufacturing and distribution of these processed foods. As a result, more intensive analytical methods are required to ensure the quality and authenticity of all ingredients at each processing step.

Our laboratory testing facilities for packaged or processed food samples offer multiple analyses, as per the FSSAI/FSSR-2011 regulations, relevant BIS standards, and customer requirements. Our expert lab technicians also offer specific analytics for the quality and safety of your products based on the following parameters:

  • check-mark-1Physico-chemical Parameters
  • check-mark-1Examination of Residues and Contaminants (organic and inorganic contaminants, mycotoxins, pesticide residues)
  • check-mark-1Food Additives
  • check-mark-1Nutrition Profile and Microbiological Analysis
  • check-mark-1Shelf life and Stability Studies