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    Water Testing

    Monitoring water quality is considered the backbone of any long-term integrated management program and is imperative to environmental protection and consumers’ health.

    Water testing involves various analytical methods to identify chemical and biological constituents and their impact on overall water quality.

    Why Water Testing?
    • check-mark-1To identify contaminants in water & determine suitable treatment options
    • check-mark-1To mitigate potential environmental and health risks
    • check-mark-1To comply with the regulatory standards (as prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF))

    The advanced water testing laboratory of CEGTH is capable of understanding and quantifying water quality and combining it with knowledge and digital tools necessary to meet regulatory standards and guidelines.

    We, at CEGTH, assess different water sources and carry out regular tests to maintain and determine its quality as per the following regulatory standards

      • check-mark-1Central Ground Water Board
      • check-mark-1NEPM Groundwater Investigation Levels
      • check-mark-1National Environment Protection Measure 1999, Schedule B(1)
      • check-mark-1Bureau of Indian Standards
      • check-mark-1Central Pollution Control Board

    All the reporting and laboratory work is done in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

    Our Water Testing Lab Offers an Extensive Range of  Analysis on Various Types of Water Mentioned in the Table Below:

    Sr.No. Type of Water Standards
    1 Ground Water IS 10500:2012
    2 Surface Water IS 2296:1982
    3 Bore-Well Water IS 10500:2012
    4 Construction Water IS 456:2000
    5 Drinking Water IS 10500:2012
    6 Packaged Drinking Water IS 14543:2016
    7 Packaged Natural Mineral Water IS 13428:2005
    8 Processed Water IS 4251:1967
    9 Swimming Pool Water IS 3328:1993
    10 Produced Water IS10392:1982/
    IS 10496: 1983
    11 Water for Irrigation IS 11624:2019
    12 Waste Water CPCB:EPA,1986, Schedule VI
    13 Water for Pharmaceutical/ Healthcare Industry USP/ IP

    Our Testing Services Include

    Drinking Water Testing

    Testing of drinking water is critical to ensure its safety for human consumption. The public water systems are mandated to regularly test their treated water for contaminants like bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.,  by certified water testing laboratories.

    CEGTH is capable of performing drinking water analysis using advanced equipment and approved testing methods. Our water testing services help identify unsafe water and ensure that the water quality complies with regulatory standards.

    Groundwater Testing

    Groundwater is one of the most valuable resources for public water systems, irrigation facilities, and industrial processes. Pollutants released through various human activities alter groundwater quality, making it unsuitable for the intended use. Therefore, Groundwater Testing is imperative to the environment as well as human health.

    The water testing laboratory of CEGTH is accredited to perform groundwater analysis for different constituents, including microorganisms, pesticides, and other organic & inorganic contaminants. Our certified and experienced chemists adopt the latest testing methods to deliver quality results with precision and accuracy.

    Surface Water Testing

    Surface Water is any water body above the ground, including streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. It is easily accessible as compared to groundwater and used for many purposes like drinking, irrigation, industrial activities, etc.

    Since surface water is exposed to all elements of nature, its contamination can originate through different sources like human activities, agricultural chemicals and industrial wastes.

    CEGTH offers advanced analytical solutions for surface water testing to ensure its safety and quality. Our experts use the most appropriate equipment to conduct surface water testing and deliver quality results on time to address your requirements.

    Wastewater  Testing

    Wastewater Testing is critical for any industry to ensure compliance with guidelines concerning effluent limits, as prescribed by various regulatory agencies. It is essential to treat wastewater before it gets discharged into a water body, and its treatment depends on the types and levels of contaminants dissolved in it.

    CEGTH offers both pre and post treatment analysis to verify the requirements for the discharged wastewater, as per relevant laws and standards.

    Mine Water Testing

    Mining contributes to water pollution in numerous ways, including

    • check-mark-1Drainage water from mines
    • check-mark-1Leakage or flow of mineral exposed water to the surface or nearby aquifer systems
    • check-mark-1Water from spoil heaps and spoil heap failures
    • check-mark-1Acid mine drainage
    • check-mark-1Mine water rebound


    CEGTH offers effective water testing services that help the mining industry minimize the impact of its operations on water resources. Our leading-edge analytical procedures test the contaminated effluents for various parameters and provide accurate results to meet your expectations.

    Irrigation Water Testing

    Testing of Irrigation Water is essential to assess its suitability for various irrigation purposes. The analysis depend on the source of water, type & quantity of dissolved salts, and the irrigation method. Irrigation water quality is evaluated based on common soil problems related to salinity, toxicity, water infiltration rate, etc.

    CEGTH has unparalleled expertise & required resources to perform irrigation water tests for various chemical, physical & biological parameters. We offer a range of reliable water testing services that help you avoid potential problems and achieve sustainable irrigation practices.

    Water Testing for Pharmaceutical Industry

    Water is a critical component in the manufacturing of almost all pharmaceutical products, and the quality of the finished products is significantly dependent on the water quality. There are many different grades of water, for example, Sterile Purified Water, Water for Injection, Sterile Water for Injection, Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, Water for Haemodialysis, Pure Steam / Clean Steam, Sterile Water for Inhalation, and Reagent Grade Water. Depending on its usage, different specifications and quality attributes are applied.

    CEGTH is capable of testing the water for the pharmaceutical industry as per various monographs, including USP/ IP/ BP, in addition to tailor-made water testing programs to meet the clientele requirements.

    Our Accredited Water Testing Lab Analyzes Different Water Sources based on the following Test Methods & Parameters:

    • check-mark-1Sample Collection
    • check-mark-1Physical Tests
    • check-mark-1Organic Testing
    • check-mark-1Wet Chemistry Analysis
    • check-mark-1Minerals
    • check-mark-1Heavy Metal Testing
    • check-mark-1Pesticides
    • check-mark-1Contaminants
    • check-mark-1Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)
    • check-mark-1Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
    • check-mark-1Trihalomethane
    • check-mark-1Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
    • check-mark-1Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    • check-mark-1Bacteriological Test
    Why Choose CEGTH?

    Our expertise, coupled with an outstanding breadth of experience in the water testing domain, makes us the preferred choice for businesses across the country.

    We help our clients ensure compliance with local regulations & water quality standards. Our accredited laboratory for water testing is well-equipped with leading-edge technologies and specialized equipment to deliver quantitative test results with faster turnaround times & reduced costs.