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    Construction Material Testing & Mix Design

    Construction Industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economic growth & prosperity of a country. Continuous growth in population, urbanization & industrialization demands superior quality infrastructure projects. Besides best engineering practices, quality of construction materials being used is vital for ensuring durability of the project as well as safety of people who would use it. Therefore, Construction Material Testing (also known as Building Material Testing) becomes a crucial prerequisite for quality assurance and substantial risk elimination in regards to the performance and safety of construction.

    Why Construction Material Testing

    • check-mark-1To ensure compliance with the latest guidelines, building regulations, and legal requirements
    • check-mark-1To make sure that all construction materials meet quality standards
    • check-mark-1To identify potential problems and associated risks with building construction
    • check-mark-1To eliminate the need for high-priced repair & renovation

    The state-of-the-art Construction Material Testing Laboratory of CEGTH is equipped with best-in-class facilities for conducting comprehensive physical and chemical tests on all types of materials used for construction. Laboratory Tests are performed in a controlled environment by our skilled and experienced team. We adopt advanced analytical methods that help us to achieve precise results, transparency and traceability.

    Our laboratory services are accredited and approved by authorized accreditation bodies like NABL and BIS that strengthen the trust of clients in our services. We have established a firm footprint in all Indian states, with sample collection facilities in major cities.

    Our Broad Range of Construction Material Testing Services Span Multiple Sectors, Including

    • check-mark-1Infrastructure & Real Estate
    • check-mark-1Government and Industrial Projects
    • check-mark-1Metro & Railways
    • check-mark-1Highways & Structures
    • check-mark-1Airports
    • check-mark-1Mining & Refineries
    • check-mark-1Water Resources

    Construction Materials & Products that We Test Include the Following

    • check-mark-1Cement, Clinker, Fly Ash, Admixture
    • check-mark-1Coarse & Fine Aggregate
    • check-mark-1Concrete, Concrete Products, Masonry
    • check-mark-1TMT Steel Bar & Wire, Structural Steel
    • check-mark-1Building Stone and Blocks-Paver/Solid-Hollow
    • check-mark-1Gypsum, POP, Building Plaster
    • check-mark-1Soil & Rock and Bentonite
    • check-mark-1Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS)
    • check-mark-1Bitumen, Asphalt, Emulsions
    • check-mark-1Polymer, Rubber Modified Bitumen
    • check-mark-1Minerals, Ore, Lime
    • check-mark-1Brick and Tiles
    • check-mark-1Water Proofing Compound
    • check-mark-1Timber & Wood, Plywood & Ply Board
    • check-mark-1Glazed Stoneware/ Plastic Pipes and Fittings
    • check-mark-1Water

    Our Specialised Services Include

    • check-mark-1Concrete Mix Design
    • check-mark-1Bitumen Mix Design & Core
    • check-mark-1WMM Mix Design
    • check-mark-1Research on Concrete and Cement
    • check-mark-1Split Tensile Strength of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Setting Time of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Bleeding Test of Concrete
    • check-mark-1V Funnel Test of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Flow Table Test of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Cylindrical Compressive Strength of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT)
    • check-mark-1Petrography Study
    • check-mark-1Air Content Test of Concrete
    • check-mark-1Core Cutting
    • check-mark-1Concrete Permeability
    • check-mark-1Durability Test

    Why Choose CEGTH?

    More than three decades of experience, thousands of successfully implemented projects and our uncompromising values are the key differentiators that set us apart from others.

    Our certified experts and professional engineers that form the backbone of our Construction Materials Testing Laboratory strive to deliver utmost integrity, accuracy and precision in every project. With knowledge and insight of updated codes, regulations and standards, our expert engineers are capable of detecting issues and risks associated with the quality of construction materials.