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    Pavement Investigation

    Pavement Investigation is a systematic analysis to provide critical information on all conditions relevant to the pavement’s design, construction, and future performance. Pavement Testing is of considerable importance in all highway projects to ensure their quality, uniformity, and long-term stability.

    Why Pavement Investigation?

    • check-mark-1To determine the strength, performance, and durability of pavement
    • check-mark-1To reduce potential damage and ensure future sustainability
    • check-mark-1To implement a cost-effective solution for the design and/or treatment of pavement

    With over 30 years of experience in Pavement Investigation, CEGTH has acquired valuable expertise in investigating existing/new bituminous and concrete pavements. Our proficient engineers assess the materials used to construct the varying layers of pavement and highway structures and provide accurate results that help decide the approach to their designing, resurfacing, and rehabilitation.

    Our Pavement Investigation involves both Destructive and Non-destructive testing methods depending upon the condition/upgradation/widening of the pavement and highway structures.

    Following are Some Suggested Tests to Assess the Pavement and Highway Structures
    • check-mark-1Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
    • check-mark-1Benkelman Beam Deflection (BBD)
    • check-mark-1Roughness Index Survey using Bump Indicator Method
    • check-mark-1Axle Load Survey
    • check-mark-1Bridge Load Test (Load – Displacement Method)
    • check-mark-1Core Testing of Bituminous and Concrete Pavement
    • check-mark-1Field CBR using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test
    • check-mark-1Retro Reflectometers

    Other Tests

    • check-mark-1Material Investigation – include Subgrade/Subbase/ROW and Borrow Area
    • check-mark-1Determination of In-situ Density/Moisture Content
    • check-mark-1Traffic Survey

    Why Choose CEGTH?

    We have a firm grounding in Pavement Investigation & Design services, backed up by our extensive three decades of experience and contribution in various successfully implemented highway projects across the country.

    Our NABL accredited Pavement Testing lab employs skilled/experienced technicians capable of delivering accurate test results using advanced equipment to enhance the quality, safety & durability of pavement and highway structures.