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    Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigations

    A well-developed infrastructure catalyzes the progress of any nation, and all the infrastructure and construction projects rely on geotechnical investigations for their sustainability. Geotechnical engineering plays a significant role in dealing with the ground condition and its respective engineering parameters required for various geotechnical designs & recommendations, such as the proposal for suitable foundation, ground improvement liquefaction analysis & dynamic properties, slope stability analysis, excavation & dewatering scheme, retaining wall design, tunneling, etc.

    Why Geotechnical Investigations?

    • check-mark-1To acquire information related to properties of soil earthworks & foundations for the proposed structure
    • check-mark-1To map & analyze the earth’s subsurface characteristics
    • check-mark-1To detect and mitigate the potential risks during & after construction
    • check-mark-1To ensure safe, economical & sustainable developments

    CEGTH acquires an extensive three decades of experience & expertise in providing a comprehensive range of Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigation services to varied industries, including both government & private sectors. We offer complete facilities for soil testing & rock drilling, and conduct all kinds of surface and subsurface investigations, including specialized services and optimized recommendations for the proposed construction.

    As a leading Geotechnical Engineering Consulting Organization, we have extended our services par excellence for over 10000 projects across the globe. Our well-qualified and technically proficient team of geotechnical engineers and geologists is recognized for analyzing the problem, providing a highly accurate interpretation of field and laboratory investigation test results, and offering customized solutions for Foundation Designs, Slope Stability, Major Earth Works Recommendations and Advisory Services, with unrivaled quality and accuracy.

    Sectors We Serve

    From routine testing to advanced geotechnical investigations, our team of experts provides best-in-class solutions and diverse testing and recommendation services, majorly to infrastructure & industrial sectors.

    • check-mark-1Metro and Railways
    • check-mark-1Airport
    • check-mark-1Water Resources
    • check-mark-1Mining
    • check-mark-1Highways and Structure
    • check-mark-1Real Estate
    • check-mark-1Plants and Refineries
    • check-mark-1Renewable Energy- Wind and Solar
    • check-mark-1Bridges
    • check-mark-1Colleges & Universities
    • check-mark-1Petroleum
    Years in Geotechnical
    10 K
    Meter Yearly Drilling Capacity
    Meter Drilling in Last 3 Years

    Our Services

    We offer a wide array of services in the field of geotechnical investigation and soil testing:

    Drilling Rigs
    AutoTrip SPT
    Hammer & Triple Tube Core Barrel Application
    Accredited Lab Tests
    Meter Depth Drilling Capacity

    Why Choose CEGTH?

    Our wealth of knowledge and experience has helped us contribute to thousands of site investigation projects for various industries and sectors. We also continuously invest in advanced equipment and the latest techniques to upgrade the methodology & quality of work being done in our Geotechnical Investigation Lab. Below is a list of some of our key differentiators:

    • check-mark-1Exposed to Advanced Testing & the latest Technical Adaptation in Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigations
    • check-mark-1A Fleet of 50 Hydraulic/Calyx/Auger Drilling Rigs
    • check-mark-1In-house Drilling & Sampling Facility of up to 300m Depth
    • check-mark-1Autotrip SPT Hammer Application
    • check-mark-1Triple/Double Tube Core Barrel
    • check-mark-1Specialized Tests including Cone Penetration Test, Pressuremeter Test, Seismic Test
    • check-mark-1Usage of Geotechnical Software, such as gINT, ReSSA and other in-house Software
    • check-mark-1NABL Accreditation for all Soil & Rock Tests, including Chemical Tests