Environmental Testing and Monitoring

A healthy and safe environment is the key to a sustainable future. It is also considered one of the critical parameters for any business and purchase decision-making, legislation, standards, and regulations. Therefore, it is vital to regularly monitor the impact that different industries, institutions, and organizations have on the environment. This impact is carefully studied, reviewed and analyzed by accredited environmental testing labs.

Why Environmental Testing?
  • check-mark-1To determine and eliminate the harmful effects of business activities on the natural environment
  • check-mark-1To ensure compliance with environmental laws, regulations & standards
  • check-mark-1To ensure public health & safety
  • check-mark-1To upscale your business efficiency & reputation

CEG Test House is the most trusted and reliable destination for environmental testing & monitoring. It offers a comprehensive range of testing, sampling, and other expert services that help mitigate your environmental impact.

Our ultra-modern environment testing laboratory is well-equipped with advanced instruments to execute all kinds of testing operations in accordance with national as well as international standards.

Our comprehensive environmental monitoring services have been appreciated and recognized by reputed organizations like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, NHAI, RVNL, RRVUNL, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Jaipur Smart City & Pune Smart City.

Our Team of Highly Specialized & Certified Experts Caters to a Broad Range of Industries & Sectors, including
  • check-mark-1Infrastructure
  • check-mark-1IT/Software/Data Centre
  • check-mark-1Pharmaceuticals & Medical Device
  • check-mark-1Power Generation
  • check-mark-1Cement
  • check-mark-1Steel
  • check-mark-1Food & Beverages
  • check-mark-1Refineries
  • check-mark-1Automobiles
  • check-mark-1Paint Manufacturing
  • check-mark-1Research & Development Centre
  • check-mark-1Hotels & Institutions
  • check-mark-1Petrochemicals
  • check-mark-1Mining & Exploration
  • check-mark-1Oil & Gas
  • check-mark-1Smelters
  • check-mark-1Pulp & Paper
  • check-mark-1Transportation
  • check-mark-1Water
  • check-mark-1Aerospace & Defense
  • check-mark-1Consumer Products
  • check-mark-1Environment, Health and Safety
  • check-mark-1Ancillary Parts Manufacturer
Our Accredited Environment Testing Laboratory has Developed Expertise in Providing the Following Services
  • check-mark-1Compliance Monitoring & Baseline Study
  • check-mark-1Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • check-mark-1Clean Room Validation
  • check-mark-1Compressed Air Testing & Nitrogen and Other Industrial Gas Analysis
  • check-mark-1Performance Guarantee & Evaluation Test for Pollution Monitoring Device
  • check-mark-1Industrial Hygiene Study
  • check-mark-1CEMS Validation & Emission Monitoring AFR /Co-Processing
  • check-mark-1Leak Detection & Repair
Why Choose CEGTH?

Backed with decades of experience, subject knowledge, and unparalleled expertise, CEGTH is committed to delivering the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for studying and mitigating your business’s environmental impact.

Our qualified and certified experts handle projects of any size & complexity with the same dedication, precision & integrity so that you do not have to worry about quality results & turnaround times. Our advanced analytical procedures & state-of-the-art environment testing laboratory add more value to our capabilities and make us the preferred choice for all your environmental testing and monitoring requirements.