Food & Agriculture Testing

Globalization has a substantial impact on the food and agriculture industry. From production and processing to retail and marketing, the food passes through multiple phases before it is available for human consumption. Consequently, there is a huge risk of it getting contaminated at any of these stages. The demand for this risk mitigation is addressed by effective food testing and analysis.

Food Testing refers to the scientific analysis of food and its components. It is done to get information about the structure, components and other physicochemical properties of the food.

Why Food & Agriculture Testing?
  • check-mark-1To analyze the quality of raw food materials, food ingredients & finished products
  • check-mark-1To verify that the values for nutritional constituents fall under the prescribed dietary limits
  • check-mark-1To ensure product sustainability & consumers’ safety
  • check-mark-1To help manufacturers meet the relevant food safety standards and regulations

CEGTH counts among one of the leading agriculture and food testing laboratories across the country. Our advanced food testing lab is equipped with the latest analytical equipment and techniques capable of delivering accuracy and precision in all kinds of testing results, be it physical, chemical or microbiological. We have built up a pan India network of more than 40 sample collection centers, each having a reliable team of experienced and skilled technicians that strive to make every possible effort to ensure safety, quality and credibility in their services.

Our laboratory holds a wide range of approvals and recognitions from reputed organizations like NABL, FSSAI, EIC and BIS.

Parameters Tested
Only Lab with Pesticides Testing under NABL Scope in Rajasthan
Students being Trained under Skill Development
Our Unique Testing Solutions span across a Broad Spectrum of Industries and Sectors which deal with Food and Agricultural Products. Major Industries include
  • check-mark-1Fats and Oils
  • check-mark-1Milk and Dairy Products
  • check-mark-1Nuts and Dried Fruits
  • check-mark-1Spices and Condiments
  • check-mark-1Cereals, Pulses and their Products
  • check-mark-1Packaged Food/ Processed Food/ Ready to Eat Food
  • check-mark-1Fruits, Vegetables and By-Products
  • check-mark-1Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)
  • check-mark-1Sweets and Confectionery
  • check-mark-1Meat and Meat Products
  • check-mark-1Pet Food and Feed
Our Broad Range of Food Testing Services Include
  • check-mark-1Microbiological Testing
  • check-mark-1Pesticide Residues Testing
  • check-mark-1Antibiotic Residues Testing
  • check-mark-1Heavy Metals Testing
  • check-mark-1Mycotoxin Analysis
  • check-mark-1Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances Analysis
  • check-mark-1Melamine Testing
  • check-mark-1Nutritional Analysis
  • check-mark-1Food Grade Packaging Material Testing
  • check-mark-1Shelf Life and Stability Studies
Why Choose CEGTH?

With our varied food & agriculture product testing experience, we provide the most accurate, cost-effective, and quality solutions that help you manage risks, comply with the relevant statutory & regulatory requirements and safeguard your consumers.

Our accredited food testing laboratory deploys state-of-the-art testing equipment and a team of certified experts that together scale-up your business’s safety & quality standards.