Animal Food and Feed

Pet food testing

Animal feed is developed especially for domestic animals and poultry, while animal foods are intended for consumption by pets. These foods are specific to the type of animals, such as foods specific for dogs or cats, and their quality determines your animals’ health & overall growth. The manufacturers cautiously select the ingredients and blend them to develop nutritious feed that maintains the animal’s health and enhances the quality of the end products delivered by them, such as milk, eggs, meat, etc.

Consumers today are paying more attention to animal food and its ingredients. It is also mandatory for animal food manufacturers to get their products analyzed for nutritional content, additives, and preservatives, ensuring compliance with product labeling.

CEGTH is well-equipped with facilities to test a broad range of animal and pet feed parameters, including chemical parameters, quality parameters, proximate analysis, nutrient profile, microbiological parameters, vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.