Sweets and Confectionery

sweet and confectionery testing

Confectionery items generally include sweets, ice-creams, chocolates, cakes, pastries, candied nuts, foam wafers, jelly products, fruit gums, toffees, etc. Due to an ever-increasing demand for sweets & confectionery products, a thorough analysis of their quality, safety, and authenticity becomes critical.

The accredited food testing laboratory of CEGTH is competent to perform a complete analysis of confectionery products, including testing for adulteration, additives, nutritional profile, and shelf-life studies.

CEGTH is capable of testing the following parameters for confectionery products:

  • check-mark-1Quality Parameters
  • check-mark-1Food Additives
  • check-mark-1Heavy Metals
  • check-mark-1Contaminants
  • check-mark-1Residues
  • check-mark-1Biological Testing
  • check-mark-1Nutritional Profile
  • check-mark-1Shelf Life and Stability Studies
  • check-mark-1Testing of Packaging Material